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8 December 2019
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Baltic Dynamics 2016

Baltic Dynamics 2016

The Baltic Dynamics Conference is annually organised initiative of Baltic countries aiming at a promotion of international co-operation in the fields of innovation, SMEs support and technology transfer. The Conference is organised since 1995 in turn by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and since 2015 – in Finland and Sweden as well. It attracts participants from a broad range of countries from all continents around the globe by promoting exchange of experience and adding to the successful development of innovation and economy.

Innovation and Technology Convergence – Strategy for Smart Growth

September 15-16, 2016, Riga, Latvia


The following topics were under discussion:

• Knowledge creation, technology transfer, experience sharing, national and international cooperation, partnerships – key factors for the successful business development;

• Innovation management – how to manage the knowledge flow in the right direction, how to strengthen links between universities and industry;

• Experience in the creation and implementation of Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) – smart cities, green energy, social innovation, etc.;

• Role of Universities in competence building for smart growth;

• Role of Science / Technology Parks and Business Incubators in setting-up new companies and acceleration of business development;

• Centers of Competence – tool for research and business cooperation;

• Best practice in participation on European Programmes Horizon 2020, CIP, INTERREG, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

Keynote speakers:

  • Charles Wessner (USA) – Lecturer on Global Innovation Policy in various US universities and a powerful advocate of effective innovation policies.
  • Gunter Clar (Germany) – Chairman of the Commission Expert Group “Assessment of Smart Specialisation Strategies for the EU 28 Member States”.
  • Siemon Smid (Luxembourg) –  Technology Transfer Expert working with PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Assystemand many others.
  • Heinz Fiedler (Germany) – Pioneer in business incubation and technology commercialization. President of SPICE Group (Science Park and Innovation Center Experts).

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For participation with presentations please contact:

Dr. Jānis Stabulnieks
Director of Latvian Technological Center
Phone:  +371 2923 2117


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